Koyaanisqatsi series

Time-lapse videos
Seasons time-lapse (Eno)
Butterfly metamorphosis
The largest black holes in the universe
Hubbling deep space
The math of Nature
Fibonacci, fractals, Phi
Animal friends
Owl and cat
Animals and humans
Making friends with woodpeckers
The amazing Skidboot
Visual physics
Pendulum waves with Philip Glass
Standing waves (water)

2 Responses to Nature

  1. Joseph says:

    Glad you liked the Pendulum Waves with Philip Glass!!! I thought they married so well together and glad others do too!!!

    • Nancy Lee says:

      Absolutely – great choice! Hey, I looked around your blog ( and learned that you’re a polymathic young baritone from Texas, but nowhere could I find a recording of you singing. If you make one, let me know cuz I’d love to give a listen. 🙂

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